Do you want to create your first recruitment project in the system? Your recruitment project created in the system will define the specifications of recruitment and function as a folder or drawer, where all the applications submitted by candidates applying for this particular job will be saved. 

Each and every recruitment project carried out in the system must have its own application form, which sources candidates’ applications related to this particular recruitment. Therefore, to create a recruitment project in the system, we begin with creating a form

How do you create a recruitment project in the system?

Having enabled your application form in the eRecruiter system, you will see a window that will lead you directly to the step of creating a recruitment project:

Just click Next.

TIP: If you want to use an existing application form created before, you can skip the first step and go to the recruitment project creation directly after logging in to the system. Just click the Recruitment projects tab in the top menu of the system and then click the Add new project button.

Enter basic information about the recruitment project

Job title is the name that will be displayed in the list of recruitment projects in the system.

Important! Remember that the name of the recruitment project will be visible to the candidates in the application form, so it should be coherent with the position name mentioned in the job offer.

You can also enter a reference number and the city, but those fields are not mandatory. The reference number will be visible to the candidates, whereas the city will be hidden. If you want to change the language of the recruitment project, remember it must be the same as the language of the application form attached to a given recruitment project.

Application confirmation is an e-mail message every candidate automatically receives after completing the form. The contents of the default template can be edited by the Administrator in the account settings. You cannot preview the contents when creating a recruitment project.

Duration of the candidates’ personal data processing

Next, specify the duration of the candidates’ personal data processing for this recruitment project. You can enter the personal data processing duration separately for candidates who have given their consent for participation in the future recruitment projects.

When the personal data processing duration is about to expire, we will inform you about it by e-mail and tag a given candidate in the system.

Important! Personal data processing duration can be set to a default value in the account settings by the system Administrator in your company. In such event, the personal data processing duration will be entered automatically.

Application form and clause

In this section, select the application form to be completed by candidates applying for a given job. If you begin with creating a form, this field will be completed automatically. Make sure the form is correct by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right. From here you can also proceed to create a new form — just click Create new form under the form selection menu.

In this section remember to select the applicable clauses and consents that are to be visible to the candidate in the application form.

The contents of the clauses and consents can be defined by the Administrator in the account settings.

Department of the company

Select an appropriate department of your company that the recruitment project being created is assigned to. You can select more than one department. Departments are not displayed to the candidate, but you may need this information for the purposes of recruitment data reporting. 

Important! The department information is defined in the system settings by the account Administrator.

Recruitment team

Select the head recruiter and assign the remaining users to the recruitment project being created. Remember that the users with the Administrator or Recruiter status have access to all recruitment projects in the system, regardless of whether they are specifically assigned to them or not.

Important! New system users can be added exclusively by the Administrator in the account settings.

At this stage, you can also enable e-mail notifications about new job applications on your account and the accounts of the remaining users. Decide whether you want to receive notifications immediately or once a day. Apart from notifications about job applications, you will also receive information about the newly added notes to the applications related to a given recruitment project.

Complete additional fields and enable the recruitment project

You can also complete the additional fields in the recruitment sheet. Those fields contain exclusively internal information and are not visible to the candidate. You may need them later for the purposes of reporting. You can return to this information at any stage of the recruitment project.

If you have successfully completed all mandatory fields in the recruitment sheet, it is time to enable the recruitment project :-) Click Activate in the top right corner.

The system will ask you what you want to do next. You can generate hyperlinks to the recruitment project (which need to be sent later to the place of publication or included in the job offer) or place your job offer directly in eRecruiter.  
In the next step, you will learn how to place a job offer through the system. Read to learn more about the hyperlinks to recruitment projects.

Check Generate links to this recruitment project and click Next.

A Link creator will be displayed, with the hyperlinks generated for the preferred sources. You can also generate more hyperlinks for any other places of publication. 

TIP: If the want the hyperlinks to the selected places to be generated automatically during the creation of subsequent recruitment projects, select those places are favorites.

Having generated hyperlinks for the selected places of publication, place them in the contents of the job offers to enable the candidates to complete their application forms.

Important! Remember to generate a separate hyperlink for each and every place of publication. This way, each and every candidate who completes the form will be assigned an appropriate source. You can return to the hyperlink creator at any moment by clicking the hyperlink icon in the Recruitment tab.

In the next step, you will learn how to place a job offer.

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