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First steps in eRecruiter system
STEP 2: How do you publish your first job offer?
STEP 2: How do you publish your first job offer?

In this article you will find instructions on how to use eRecruiter to place a job offer.

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Publishing a job offer using eRecruiter requires 3 simple steps. Publishing job offers in the system enables you to not only publish your offers faster, from any place and at any moment, but also to edit the contents of your job offer whenever it is necessary, without the need to wait for the consultant’s response.

Step 1

There are two ways to start creating your job offer. The first way will be available after a new recruitment project is enabled. The following message will be displayed:

When you select the indicated option, you will go to the first step of job offer placement.

The second way is entering the Job offers tab and clicking the Add job offer button.

Next, enter the contents of your job offer by completing individual sections. 

TIP: If the headers of individual sections (Requirements, What we offer, etc.) are not saved in your graphic layout, remember to enter them manually in the contents of the job offer at this stage.

Step 2 

In the next step named Recruitment and location, the system will ask you to select the active recruitment project that the candidates responding to this particular job offer will be assigned to. Select the appropriate recruitment project and add the location for which you recruit. When you complete all the information, click Next.

Step 3

On the last screen, you can decide where you want to publish your job offer.

How can you check if your job offer has been published?

You can find the list of published job offers including the places of publication in the Job ads tab.

Congratulations! Your job offer has been published successfully. Now you can simply wait for the incoming resumes of the candidates. Maybe the first applications are in the system already? Learn the basics of working with the received application documents — proceed to step 4 of working with the system.

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