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First steps in eRecruiter system
STEP 3: Basic tasks involving the applications submitted by candidates
STEP 3: Basic tasks involving the applications submitted by candidates

This article will show you how to work with the submitted documents in eRecruiter faster and more efficiently than before.

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Where are the candidates’ documents saved in the system?

When a candidate completes the application form contained in the job offer, her or his answers and documents will be assigned to the recruitment project that this particular job offer is a part of. 

It means that in order to enter the list of candidates’ applications, you need to find this recruitment project and click its name or the number of candidates for a given project.

Candidate searching by filters

One of the advantages of our system is the ability to quickly filter the candidates according to specific categories. You simply need to specify the preferred skills and the system displays only the job applications you are searching for.

The application filtering list is on the left of the list of job applications. You can filter applications by: rating, tags, stages, answers to closed questions from the application form, etc.

Searching by keywords and logic operators

You can search candidates by keywords contained in the submitted documents and notes added by users. A keyword is every phrase entered to the search engine you may want to use to search your database.

Remember! You can also enter the candidate’s contact details, such as her or his first name, surname, telephone number or e-mail address, to the search engine. 

Comprehensive candidate profiles

In order to enter the detailed candidate profile, click her or his photo or first name and surname. The profile contains the resume, additional documents, answers to questions from the application form and a range of other information. The details can be found under the tabs:

Evaluate candidates and add notes

You can evaluate the applying candidates and search your list of candidates according to a given grade. You can also leave notes on candidate profiles.

Decide who can see your notes

When you add a note, you can decide whether it is supposed to be a general or internal note. General note is visible to all users, including those not logged in the system, to whom the candidate sheet is sent (so called Business Users). Internal note is visible exclusively to system users after logging in.

Remember! You can add a reminder to every note, which will be entered to your calendar on the home page. 

Mark the stages of recruitment reached by the candidate

Marking the stages of recruitment reached by individual candidates enables you to quickly check the progress of recruitment. The recruitment stage information is visible to you and your colleagues having access to this candidate. 

The recruitment stage information can also include the templates of messages you can send to the candidate to confirm the interview (by a text message or e-mail) or provide feedback and thank for participation in the recruitment procedure.

This information is also useful for reporting, e.g. for checking the effectiveness of the selected sources.

Assign tags = the most important characteristics or skills of a candidate

Tags are keywords you can “assign” to a given candidate to find him faster in the database using the information about his characteristic feature or skills. 

Search the list of applications effectively 

From the candidate sheet, you can move to the next application without returning to the list of candidates — you can simply use the buttons in the top right corner of the profile or the arrow keys of your keyboard.

You can also easily check if a given candidate takes part in any other recruitment in your company. Check if there is the Other recruitment projects information in the bottom left corner of the sheet; if it is there, you will also see the name of the recruitment project and the stage that the candidate reached. 

Do you want to go back to the full list of job applications? Click the name of this recruitment project in the top right/left corner. 

Work on many job applications simultaneously

One of the major advantages of working with applications submitted by candidates in the eRecruiter system is the ability to perform many actions with many applications simultaneously. You check many selected candidates in the list and add a tag, specify the stage of recruitment, add a grade or send a message.

What else can you do with the documents of the candidates?

  • You can send messages to many candidates at a time. 

  • You can invite candidates to job interviews. 

  • You can share the documents of recommended candidates with other people involved in the recruitment project (e.g. department managers) in a secure way. 

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