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First steps in eRecruiter system
STEP 5: How does the system support the security of your work and data of candidates?
STEP 5: How does the system support the security of your work and data of candidates?

Read more about how the eRecruiter system can help you process the candidates’ data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

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eRecruiter supports personal data processing in compliance with the applicable legal regulations through a range of functionalities adjusted the GDPR requirements:

Control over duration of data processing

You can configure the default time of data processing for the current and future recruitment projects. Before the specified date, eRecruiter automatically notifies you about the scheduled deletion of data. Moreover, job applications with the right to process data about to expire are marked with special graphic symbols visible to every user. 

Secure circulation of documents

You receive real-time information on who have sent the candidates’ documents to whom, what is the status of the sent job applications, i.e. whether they have been viewed or rated and what actions have been taken with regard to such applications (printing resumes, adding comments). It eliminates the need to use electronic mail by recruiters, which would involve spreading the information about candidates. All data about the applicants are stored in a single place. The submitted data are accessible for limited time. 

Fulfilled information obligation

eRecruiter enables you to define templates of clauses and consents to ensure compliance with the applicant information obligation in accordance with the requirements of your organization. In the candidate profile, you can see the information that a given candidate read at the application stage and which consents she or he checked or withdrew. This solution supports the accountability for all activities in the system, since you always know what the candidate has agreed to.

Addressing candidates’ rights

eRecruiter can help you address the rights of your candidates:

  • Right to data portability — the system enables exporting all data submitted by the candidate along with the application as a single .zip file. 

  • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) — ability to flag those candidates who have requested their data to be erased. After verifying the candidate’s identity, all her or his data can be deleted. 

  • Right to restriction of processing — the system enables flagging those candidates who have requested processing of their data to be restricted. No data of such candidates are processed during the verification of their requests.

  • Right to rectification — the system enables editing the data submitted in the candidate’s application using a special hyperlink to the data editing functionality. 

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