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First steps in eRecruiter system
What is the difference between a recruitment project, a form and a job offer?
What is the difference between a recruitment project, a form and a job offer?
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A recruitment project in eRecruiter is a place where you collect and browse the job applications submitted by candidates. The recruitment project is your basic tool in eRecruiter — it resembles a folder or a drawer, where you can keep your incoming applications. Owing to the division into separate recruitment projects, you always know how many candidates are available under a given project and you can manage their application in an ordered way.

Recruitment projects screen in eRecruiter is your desktop, where all the recruitment projects you have access to are collected. 

A form in eRecruiter enables you to formulate questions according to which the candidates are selected. Each and every recruitment project must have its own form. Without the form, candidates cannot send application documents and specify their skills or preferences in detail. Without the form, the data of candidates will not be saved in the system. And finally, without the form you will not make the candidate selection faster at the subsequent stages of work. 

Sticking to the desktop metaphor, the Forms screen in eRecruiter is file containing questionnaires for candidates, owing to which you can select the most suitable candidates from desktop drawers.

A job offer in eRecruiter is a job offer addressed to candidates, placed on a given web portal by the eRecruiter system. The job offer informs the candidates that you are hiring for a certain position. You can place a job offer, if you have already created a recruitment project with the application form. 

Job offer screen in eRecruiter gives you control over where and which job offers are made available to the candidates.

How does a candidate’s job application get to your eRecruiter system? 

A candidate finds your job offer on a third-party web portal (e.g., your Careers page, social media, etc.), clicks the Apply button and proceeds to the application form. The candidate completes the form with her or his details, answers your questions, reads the clause, grants/refuses to grant consents and clicks Send — her or his application is saved in the appropriate recruitment project of the eRecruiter system, so that you can examine the documents and contact the candidate through eRecruiter.  

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