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First steps in eRecruiter system
How do you delete the candidate’s data from the system?
How do you delete the candidate’s data from the system?

A candidate requests his data to be deleted? Learn how to do it in the system.

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Note: this feature is available to the system Administrator only. If you want to delete the data of a given candidate, contact the Administrator of your company. 

Why does the candidate want her or his data to be removed?

The recent changes in the personal data protection regulations give the candidates a right to request the deletion of their data from the database of the company they applied to. It is referred to as the right to be forgotten. If any candidate contacts you and requests the deletion of her or his data, you can do it easily using the eRecruiter system. 

Verify the candidate before deleting any data

Before fulfilling the request, you should verify the identity of the candidate who requested her or his data to be deleted. We recommend implementing a special internal procedure that would define the actions to be taken in such events by your organization. At the same time, label the candidate appropriately in the system.

Go to the Candidates tab in the top panel of the system. Find the candidate requesting data deletion in the list and check the appropriate box for the time of verifying the request. Next, click the Actions button. In the dropdown menu, select GDPR and then Data removal request.

The candidate for whom a data deletion request has been enabled will be highlighted:

Highlighting will be visible also in the full candidate profile and the Candidates tab.

Note: highlighting will be visible for all users.

Deleting candidate’s data

Having verified the candidate’s request, delete her or his data from the eRecruiter system. First you need to disable the data deletion request, returning to the action including the GDPR option:

Next, select GDPR — Delete application from the list under the actions:

Confirm deletion of the entire candidate’s profile from the eRecruiter system.

The day after the candidate’s application is deleted, a new report generated in the morning with deleted data will appear in the Reports section. The report contains the first name and surname, the e-mail address, the name of the recruitment projects and the reference number of the recruitment projects from which the candidate’s data have been deleted. Only the Administrator has access to this category of reports.

Additionally, the message confirming that a report containing a list of deleted applications is available in the system will be sent to the person requesting deletion of the candidate’s data. There is also a hyperlink to settings that enable downloading or deleting a given report. 

The report on the deleted data IS NOT a confirmation for the candidate!  

The data controller should confirm data deletion separately. This report is a document needed to confirm data deletion from the processing area in the event of an inspection. 

Remember! If you delete the candidate’s data from the system, you lose access to such data irreversibly. Neither you nor other system users will be able to access those data again.

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