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How can you create your custom e-mail message template?
How can you create your custom e-mail message template?

Learn how to create and use custom templates of e-mail messages sent to candidates.

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The eRecruiter system enables you to define your own custom message templates you can later use in your e-mail communication with candidates. Below you will find the instructions on adding and using such templates.

How do you add a custom message template?

Custom templates can be defined in “Your account settings” in the system. This option is available to all system users. Remember, however, that if you add a message template, it will be visible to everyone.

In the Settings, open the “Message templates” tab in the “Easy project management” section.

Next, select the “Customise the templates” tab. In order to add a new template, click the “Add new template” button.

Enter the name of the template and contents of the message to be sent to candidates; confirm the changes by clicking the “Save” button.

When editing your message contents, you can add data fields to be automatically completed by the system before the e-mail message is sent. Position the cursor in the selected place in the message body; select an appropriate data field from the list and confirm by clicking the “Insert selected smart field to the template below” button:

You can edit your message templates at any moment in “Your account settings”.

How can you use your custom message templates?

You can use your custom message templates in the following situations:

· Selecting a “Thank you” message in response to the submitted job application. You can select an appropriate template at the stage of creating or editing a recruitment project in the system:

· Sending e-mail messages to candidates. Tick the selected candidates in the list and click the “Actions” button in the top left corner of the screen. In the message sending screen, select an appropriate template from the list:

· Defining custom recruitment stages. When you add a new stage of the recruitment process in “Your account settings”, you can assign one of your custom message templates.

How many message templates can I define?

The number of available custom templates depends on your system version. To learn more, contact your dedicated eRecruiter Consultant.

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