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First steps in eRecruiter system
How do you create an application form in the system?
How do you create an application form in the system?

From this article you will learn how to create an application form required for the purposes of your recruitment process in the system.

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The application form

The form contains selection questions in the form of a questionnaire, which the candidates respond to when applying for a job in your company.

This questionnaire makes selection of candidates quicker and more effective, so it is advisable to formulate specific and accurate questions, so that they match the expectations for a given recruitment project. 

Why is the application form so important?

The candidates’ answers to the questions contained in the questionnaire are saved by the system under a given recruitment project, so that you can not only access them, but also — most importantly — filter those candidates who responded in the expected way. You can find such candidates faster and without the need to browse through the resumes one by one.

How do you create an application form in the system?

Having logged in to the eRecruiter system, enter the Forms tab and click the New form button.

Enter basic information

Enter the form title — it will be displayed in the system to you, but will not be visible to candidates. It will help you find the form in the system.

If you use a custom graphic form template created specifically for your company, select the template name in the Basic template and Advanced template fields.

Next step is the selection of questions

You can use the questions available under Basic data and Detailed data tabs. 

You can also create your own question matching the needs of your recruitment project. In order to create your own questions, enter the Additional questions tab and select the type of question you want to add. You can add:

  • a closed single-choice or multiple-choice question (answers to such questions can be later used as searching criteria to find the application);

  • an open question;

  • a question asking for dates or files. 

Having selected the type of the question, you can add your own question to the questionnaire. Enter the contents of the question or — in the case of a closed question — add possible answers for the candidate to choose from. 

If you add your own question about the financial expectations of candidates, it is important that such a question is tagged as a question about the salary. Later it will enable you to, if it is needed, hide the candidates’ answers to this questions from people who should not have access to such information, but still receive the candidates’ documents.

Adjust the form layout

Under the Layout tab, you can make the form more neat and enhance the candidate experience as early as when they apply for a job in your company. You can add a header to any question or a greeting to the form.

You can change the order of questions in the form at any moment — just drag and drop a question to the desired place. You can also make certain questions mandatory for candidates — just check it in the Mandatory column.

After you finish working on the form, make sure it looks exactly as you want. Click View and examine your form carefully. Check the form for typos and content of the questions, make sure the number of questions in the form is appropriate (not too few, not too many). 

Click Save to save the form as a draft and finish editing later. If the form is ready, click Activate.

Note: After you enable the form, adding or deleting questions or possible answers will not be possible.

Congratulations! You have completed the first and very important step towards creating your first recruitment project in the system! Now it is time for the second step, i.e. creating a recruitment project.

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