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First steps in eRecruiter system
How does the system home page work?
How does the system home page work?

Learn how the system home page can help you in your daily work.

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The eRecruiter system home page, also called simply “the home”, has undergone a makeover! Now your work with active recruitment projects can be even more effective. What can you do here?

1. Starred projects

We have introduced a new recruitment project feature — starred recruitment projects. You can highlight the projects you want to be displayed on the system home page, regardless of whether you manage them, you are just a team member or you want to watch them for any other reason.

How can you highlight a recruitment project?

In order to highlight a recruitment project, you have to click the grey asterisk icon. When the asterisk turns gold, the project will be automatically displayed on the home page. You can highlight a project on the list of projects and in the recruitment project editing screen. The gold asterisk will be visible both in the home page and in the list of projects under the Projects tab.

How do you disable recruitment project highlighting?

You simply need to click the asterisk icon again. The recruitment project will be automatically removed from the home page. You can do it in three places: in the home page, in the list of recruitment projects under the “Recruitment projects” tab and in the recruitment project editing screen.

Which recruitment projects can be starred?

You can star “Active” and “Draft” recruitment projects.

Can you star a closed recruitment project?

No, when you close a recruitment project, its highlighting is disabled.

Can you terminate a recruitment project from the home page?

Click the three dots on the right of the recruitment project to display a list of actions you can perform on this project. One of those actions is editing the recruitment project, which includes its termination.

2. Changing the order of projects

You can adjust the order of projects on the home page.
Important! By default, every new highlighted recruitment project is displayed on the top of the list of recruitment projects on the home page.
To change the order of recruitment projects, move the cursor over the left bar. The following icon will be displayed: 

Drag the icon up or down the list to change the place of the project in the list.

The system remembers your preferred order, so your custom view will be displayed after each logging in.

3. Unlimited number of projects

Previously up to 15 projects could be displayed on the home page. We eliminated this restriction, so that the screen could be adjusted to individual recruitment needs more accurately. The home page will display as many projects as you “starred” for as long as you disable the asterisk icon or terminate the project.

4. Calendar

The monthly calendar shows your job interviews arranged for a given month. Click the selected day to see the interviews arranged on that day. The information about the recruitment project name, venue and date of the interview and the first name and surname of the candidate is immediately displayed. Click the icon on the right to postpone or cancel the interview; here you can also send an e-mail or text message to the candidate. 

When you click the first name and surname of the candidate, the Print documents button is displayed — you can print the candidate’s resume before the job interview with a single click.

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