Roles in the system

Read about the roles available in the eRecruiter system and the authorizations assigned to individual roles.

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eRecruiter offers two types of authorizations that can be selected by the Administrator when adding a new user to the system. These include authorizations for:

  • the HR team;

  • other people from the company who take part in the recruitment of employees.

Roles for the HR team

Roles for the HR team offered by the eRecruiter system include:

  • Administrator,

  • Recruiter,

  • MINI Recruiter *.

These roles require logging in to the system.

Roles for other users

You can assign the following roles to recruiters who are not in the HR team:

  • PLUS User,

  • User,

  • MINI User,

  • BUSINESS User.

These roles EXCEPT FOR the last one require logging in to the system.

* More about the MINI Recruiter role

The MINI Recruiter role is available in the PRO Premium/Pro Plus system version only. A person with authorizations assigned to the MINI Recruiter role has access to all the recruitment projects and candidates of the company to which she or he is assigned. The remaining authorizations are the same as specified in the table above.

Example: the client has purchased the PRO Premium system version for 2 companies: A and B. The Administrator has access to all projects assigned to both companies. A MINI Recruiter assigned to the Company A will see the projects and candidates assigned to this particular company only. A MINI Recruiter can see the data from both companies, if the Administrator assigns her or him to both companies in the system settings.

More about the BUSINESS User role

A person with authorizations assigned to the BUSINESS Recruiter role does not log in to eRecruiter and thus does not see the information displayed inside the system. A BUSINESS Recruiter receives an e-mail message with a link directing to the profiles of candidates selected by the Recruiter, who sends them in the form of an Interactive Candidate Card.

If a BUSINESS User is not sent any Candidate Card in 90 days, this account is automatically deactivated. If you send a Candidate Card to this user again, the account will be activated without the need to enter the user data again.

How can you share the rights of access?

You can replace the role of one Recruiter with 5 selected roles for people from outside the HR team and vice versa — you can replace 5 rights of access for people from outside the HR team with the role of 1 Recruiter.

Important! Only the eRecruiter consultant, upon request of the current Administrator (or, if there is no Administrator at the moment, a decision-making person from the HR Department), can add a new Administrator to the system, because it is a role with the highest level of authorizations.

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