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How do you use Microsoft Teams interviews in eRecruiter?
How do you use Microsoft Teams interviews in eRecruiter?
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Logging in to your MS Teams account in eRecruiter

In order to log in to your Microsoft Teams account, go to the system Settings and open the “Your account settings” tab. In the “Log to the application” section, click “Log in” next to Microsoft Teams.

You will be asked to accept the rights that eRecruiter requests access to. Select “Accept”.

After you accept the above, your accounts will be connected. You can disconnect the accounts at any moment by clicking “Log out” in the Settings.

How can you arrange an interview with a link to Microsoft Teams?

Select the interview-type stage for the candidate you want to invite for an online interview. On the screen with details, tick the “Online meeting” option and select Microsoft Teams from the list.

In the list of the meeting attendees, tick yourself (or the person for whom the interview is being arranged).

Tick also the e-mail notification (preferably with the e-mail reminder), as well as the SMS notification, if you use this functionality.

When you proceed to the e-mail message editing screen, you will see the body of your e-mail message, including a highlighted link to the online meeting. The link directs to the online meeting scheduled in your MS Teams calendar. Click “Send”.

MS Teams interview in your calendar

A moment later a new event will appear in your MS Outlook and MS Teams calendar. The description of the event will contain a link to the online meeting and a link to the Candidate Card.

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