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How can you download a list of recruitment projects from a given reporting period?
How can you download a list of recruitment projects from a given reporting period?

Learn how to generate a list summarizing recruitment projects carried out by your company.

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NOTE: This option is available to Administrators and Recruiters only. Availability of specific reports depends on your system version. If you do not see a given report, contact your eRecruiter Consultant.

Do you need a detailed report on recruitment projects carried out in your company? You will find all the required information in the “List of recruitment projects” report. This report contains data from the recruitment card, information about the candidates and hired employees, as well as information about the status and duration of each recruitment project. It is a comprehensive report, which will help you in your analyses.

How do you generate a “List of recruitment projects” report?

In order to open this report, go to the “Reports” tab in the main menu and select the “General” section.

Select the “List of recruitment projects” from the drop-down menu. You can narrow down the data contained in the report to recruitment projects activated during a specific period and/or assigned to a specific user. You can also generate data covering all recruitment projects — in this case do not choose any additional criteria. To confirm, click “Generate”.

The report will appear in the table below with the “Awaiting” status.

Wait a moment and click “Refresh” — the report will change its status and will become available for downloading. Click "Download"

The report will be generated and downloaded to an MS Excel file.

NOTE: The process of generating this report might take longer, if your company is running many recruitment projects at a time and your system contains large volumes of data.

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