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First steps in eRecruiter system
How to edit the form in active recruitment project?
How to edit the form in active recruitment project?

Recruitment has already been activated by you, but you still want to add or remove a question in the form? See how!

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The recruitment project has been activated, but it turned out that you need to edit the form (add or remove a question)? No problem! We implemented changes which alow you to quickly and easily edit the form in the system.

Note! The function of editing questions in active recruitment is available only for projects created in the new, fast path of creating recruitment projects. You can read more about it in the article: How to create a new recruitment project in the system?

How to edit the form in active recruitment?

Just go to the Projects section in the system. And then in the selected recruitment project click the Actions button and select Edit:

Then go to the "Candidate form" section and make the necessary corrections (add - using "Add a question" button - or remove questions - using trash icon).

Note! Remember to save changes with the button in the upper right corner! :)

TIP: Before saving the changes, you can preview the set of questions with the changes you have made and the public version available to candidates, using "Form preview" button.

Changes to the question set are effective only after they have been saved. If you change the set of questions in a recruitment process where there are already some candidates' applications, you will be asked for confirmation before saving the changes.

What about the filters that reflect the questions I use when working with the list of candidates?

Don't worry, we've taken care of that too! If you add or remove a question from the form, relevant information will appear in the list of filters:

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