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First steps in eRecruiter system
First steps in eRecruiter system

The most important articles about activities in eRecruiter

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How does the system home page work?Learn how the system home page can help you in your daily work.
What is the difference between a recruitment project, a form and a job offer?
Roles in the systemRead about the roles available in the eRecruiter system and the authorizations assigned to individual roles.
STEP 1: How do you create a recruitment project in the system?In this step you will learn how to create a new recruitment project in the system and attach an application form.
STEP 2: How do you publish your first job offer?In this article you will find instructions on how to use eRecruiter to place a job offer.
STEP 3: Basic tasks involving the applications submitted by candidatesThis article will show you how to work with the submitted documents in eRecruiter faster and more efficiently than before.
STEP 4: Communication with candidatesLearn how to contact candidates using the eRecruiter system
STEP 5: How does the system support the security of your work and data of candidates?Read more about how the eRecruiter system can help you process the candidates’ data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.
How to edit the form in active recruitment project?Recruitment has already been activated by you, but you still want to add or remove a question in the form? See how!
How do you delete a user from the system?
How do you add a new user?Simple steps to add a new user to the eRecruiter system.
How do you delete the candidate’s data from the system?A candidate requests his data to be deleted? Learn how to do it in the system.
How do you create an application form in the system?From this article you will learn how to create an application form required for the purposes of your recruitment process in the system.