Safety principles of some organizations involve blocking any use of any third-party applications (even eRecruiter, in the case of Google Meet). In such situations, whenever a user attempts to integrate her or his Google account with eRecruiter, the following message is displayed:

In order to prevent it, you should ask your corporate IT department for help, attaching this text.

The procedure to be taken by the IT department for successful integration:

1. Log in to the Google admin console (

2. Enter the “Security” tab:

3. Enter the “API Permissions” tab in the bottom of the window.

4. Select “Manage third-party app access”.

5. Click “Configure new app” and select “OAuth App Name or Client ID”.

6. Next, click “Search for OAuth App Name or Client ID”, enter eRecruiter and click “Search”. Select the eRecruiter application from the list of found applications.

7. Next, check the “OAuth Client ID” checkbox. All boxes should be checked. Finally, click “Select”.

8. In the next step, grant access to the application, by checking the “Trusted” checkbox (access to all Google services) and then click “Configure”.

The eRecruiter application should appear in the list of applications with the “Access — Trusted” information. Users can start using Google Meet in eRecruiter.

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