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How do you use the Google and Outlook calendars in eRecruiter?
How do you use the Google and Outlook calendars in eRecruiter?

Scheduling Assistant will help you arrange meetings quickly and conveniently

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Forget about laborious checking the schedules of people involved in the recruitment process to find a convenient date for a meeting with a candidate. After integrating your calendar with eRecruiter, you will arrange meetings quickly and conveniently from a single place.

Integration of eRecruiter with calendars enables checking the following information directly in the system:

  • Your availability

  • Availability of other meeting participants

  • Availability of conference rooms in the office

...and booking the date of the meeting with a given candidate in the calendar of every involved person at the same time. It will help you save time and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

See how the integration works in practice!

Logging in to the Google and Outlook calendars in eRecruiter

In order to check and book dates directly from eRecruiter, you need to log in to your corporate Google or Outlook account. In order to learn how to do it, follow the below procedure.

Important! Only corporate accounts registered in the corporate web domain enable checking the availability of the remaining users from the same domain.

How do you check the availability of dates in calendars in eRecruiter?

After logging in to the account, go to scheduling meetings. Select a stage, such as a “Meeting”, for the candidate you want to invite for an interview, e.g. online. On the screen with details, check the “Meeting” option, check participants of the meeting and click “Schedule a meeting”.

You will see the Planning Assistant, i.e. the screen with a list of meeting participants and the information about their availability on the selected date. Here you can also select the available rooms from the list.

Importantly, you can view only the calendars of those meeting participants who have access to the eRecruiter system or to whom the Interactive Candidate Card has been sent.

As you can see in the image below, the dates when a given user is not available are marked red. Other dates are available. The date you select is highlighted green.

Important! If no rooms are specified in the list, it means that your company does not have any rooms defined in Microsoft Outlook or the Google account. The rooms can be added only by your company’s IT Administrator.

Adding meetings for selected rooms by users from third-party domains can also be blocked in the case of your company. If that is the case, any meetings arranged in eRecruiter will not be automatically added to the calendars of individual rooms. If you encounter this issue, you should also report it to your IT Administrator.

In the Planning Assistant screen, you can add new meeting participants and check their availability on the following days.

Having selected the appropriate date, click “Save”. You will return to the meeting editing screen, from which you can proceed to sending the messages.

So few tasks to do, so much time to save!

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