Description for the eRecruiter Administrator

eRecruiter Administrator

The eRecruiter Administrator finds the “Integration with eRecruiter” tab in the system settings. Next, the Admin clicks the “Start integration” button next to the Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Important! You cannot integrate both calendars with eRecruiter simultaneously!

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

A window with information for the IT department is displayed. Copy and send the information to your IT department, so that it enables the eRecruiter system to access the corporate resources.

Integration with Google Calendar

In the case of Google Calendar, the IT department’s authorization of access to the corporate resources is not required. From the moment the Administrator initiates the integration, all users can start connecting their eRecruiter accounts to the Google Calendar on their own.

If a so-called authorization error is encountered during a logging attempt, it means that the access to third-party applications is blocked in your company. The procedure to follow in such situations is described here.

Description for an eRecruiter user

Every system user must log in to her or his corporate Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook account in the eRecruiter settings — the “Your Account Settings” tab -> “Log in to application”:

After clicking “Log in”, messages enabling eRecruiter to access the calendars will be displayed. In the case of integration with the Google account, remember to check all the check boxes and click “Next”. If any of the check boxes is not checked, the integration will not be carried out properly.

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