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How do you send an invitation to an online interview in eRecruiter?
How do you send an invitation to an online interview in eRecruiter?

Find out how to use the online recruitment interview functionality, invite candidates and host interviews.

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eRecruiter enables you to conduct job interviews online — it is a great alternative as compared to face-to-face meetings with candidates. Both you and the person you invite to such an event will receive a link to a virtual room, in which you will be able to meet at a scheduled hour and have a conversation in comfortable online environment.

Read the below article to learn how the eRecruiter system facilitates recruitment project management, including the organization of online interviews with candidates 😊

Important! One user cannot schedule more than one online interview at the same hour on the same date.

What to remember before using the online interview functionality?

Make sure the technical requirements of online interviews are met. These technical requirements apply both to camera and microphone settings and to more technically advanced issues that might require the assistance of your IT department.

Additionally, if you use Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, you need to integrate your tool with the eRecruiter system first. Read how to enable this integration:

How do you send a candidate an invitation to an online interview?

It's very simple! Importantly, you do not need to introduce any changes to the system in order to be able to use the interview functionality. All you have to do is use the “Interview” stage (i.e. the stage available in the system or your own custom interview-type stage added to the list of stages).

After you select the stage, a standard screen of invitation to the interview will be displayed. Tick “Online meeting” below the location of the interview.

The field for selecting the location of the interview will disappear and instead you will be able to select the preferred tool. Specify the date and hour of the meeting and add meeting attendees.

Important! No more than 5 attendees can take part in an online meeting at the same time.

Go to the “Notifications” column. Tick the channels of communication: e-mail and/or SMS. Remember that if your interview is scheduled later than within the next 24 hours, you can tick the e-mail reminder to be sent to the candidate before the meeting.

Click “Go to message editing” to display your new message template. You can change the wording of this message, but remember not to delete the link to the online meeting. This link will enable the candidate to open the virtual meeting room.

The system administrator can edit the message contents and adjust it to corporate standards in the settings (“Message templates” -> “Templates”). The templates are named as follows: online interview confirmation and online interview date change.

SMS notification about the online interview

A candidate can receive an SMS message confirming the scheduled online interview. This message contains the {link to online meeting} field, which cannot be deleted. A candidate can attend an online meeting also using a smartphone with an operable microphone and camera.

Click “Send”. The attendees, the candidate and you will receive e-mail messages containing the link to the room.

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