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How can you use the system to work with multiple companies (partnerships)?
How can you use the system to work with multiple companies (partnerships)?

Find out how you can conveniently use eRecruiter to handle multiple partnerships

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Important! The information applies exclusively to the Pro Premium and Pro Plus system versions.

How can you start working with multiple partnerships in eRecruiter?

The first step to managing recruitment projects for multiple partnerships is adding them to the eRecruiter system and assigning specific Users to each of them (click to read). Next, you need to create recruitment projects dedicated to specific partnerships (click to read).

Visibility of recruitment projects of different partnerships

In the the Project tab (in main menu) click the gear (upper right corner) to customize the view. You can add the “Company” (partnership) and “Users assigned to this recruitment” columns to the list of recruitment projects to be able to immediately identify the partnership that is currently seeking candidates and the users having access to a given recruitment project.

Administrator and Recruiter are the roles having access to all recruitment projects of all companies (partnerships). Recruiter Mini will be able to see all recruitment projects, but only those created for the company/companies (partnership/partnerships) to which they are assigned by the Administrator.

User, User Plus and User Mini roles give access only to specific recruitment projects of a given company (partnership) they are assigned to.

You can read more about roles here.

Specific operations with job applications connected with partnerships

As a result of dividing the system into specific partnerships, you will encounter additional information when working with job applications.

If you want to assign or invite a candidate to another recruitment project, information about the respective partnership will also be displayed next to the name of this project.

Additionally, in the Candidates tab you can search for candidates who have applied to the company (partnership_ you are interested in.

Remember that you will see all applications stored in the system or only those you have access to, depending on your role in the system.

Reports for individual partnerships

You can generate the following reports divided into individual partnerships entered to eRecruiter:

  • Candidates list report — available for every recruitment project

  • List of Recruitment Projects report — in the General section (the Reports tab in the main panel)

  • Recruitment Efficiency report (the Reports tab in the main panel)

  • Sources report (the Reports tab in the main panel)

  • Candidates report (the Reports tab in the main panel)

Learn more about the eRecruiter reports here.

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