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Candidate Card from the Business User perspectiveIf the HR department is recruiting for your department, you have to view the job applications incoming to your mailbox
Candidate Experience ModuleEvaluate recruitment processes in accordance with the NPS methodology to ensure the best candidate experience possible
Employee Referral Module — what is it and how do you use it?The Employee Referral Module in eRecruiter helps implement/improve and automate the candidate referral system by employees of your company
How can you add a job ad search functionality to your Career web page?Technical guidelines for IT departments.
How can you integrate the eRecruiter system with your Career web page?This article will teach you how to post job ads on your Career web page quickly and easily.
FAQ — frequently asked questions on MS Teams integrationRead answers to a number of questions most frequently asked by eRecruiter users and corporate IT departments.
Google Meet — enabling integration with blocked third-party applications (description for IT)How can the IT department enable the integration of eRecruiter with Google Meet when third-party applications are blocked?
How can you create your custom e-mail message template?Learn how to create and use custom templates of e-mail messages sent to candidates.
How can you download a list of recruitment projects from a given reporting period?Learn how to generate a list summarizing recruitment projects carried out by your company.
How do you enable integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars in eRecruiter?Integrate eRecruiter with your calendars, to check your, your team and conferences rooms availability directly in the system.
How do you send an invitation to an online interview in eRecruiter?Find out how to use the online recruitment interview functionality, invite candidates and host interviews.
How do you use Microsoft Teams interviews in eRecruiter?
How do you use the Google and Outlook calendars in eRecruiter?Scheduling Assistant will help you arrange meetings quickly and conveniently
Network and application securityGet to know the technical aspects of security measures
How do you create a recruitment project for a company (partnership)?What are the things to remember when creating a recruitment project for a partnership?
How can you use the system to work with multiple companies (partnerships)?Find out how you can conveniently use eRecruiter to handle multiple partnerships
How can you collaborate with a recruitment agency in eRecruiter?Two ways of using the eRecruiter system in collaboration with a recruitment agency
How can you enter companies (partnerships) to the system and assign users to them?Learn how to manage recruitment projects for multiple partnerships using eRecruiter